Meet Model BitBit!

Meet Bitbit. She is a teacup pomeranian and was the runt of her litter. Being the tiniest made her stand up for herself and she is now the leader of the pack! She is 8 years old.

Bitbit has been modelling from when she was 8 weeks old and is a veteran in the dog modelling world. She has opened at many dog fashions shows and has modelled in almost every dog fashion show in Toronto. She has made her appearance on live television shows such as E talk Daily, Merilyn Dennis show, and Breakfast Television, just to name a few.

Bitbit is super lovable and loves all people and especially kids! She is a true princess and loves to sit in her mommy's sling. When she is at the K9 Couture she likes to sit on a pillow and watch people as they shop at K9 Couture. 

Follow her instagram page at "ittybitbit"! 


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