Cinch Trail Boots for Big Dogs
Cinch Trail Boots for Big Dogs
Cinch Trail Boots for Big Dogs
Cinch Trail Boots for Big Dogs
Cinch Trail Boots for Big Dogs

Cinch Trail Boots for Big Dogs

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- We always recommend coming to the store for boots when possible, so staff can help you try them on your dog and you can confirm the dog is able to walk and the boots are secure. This way you can also see the best technique to put on the boots! Dog boots are a very individual thing, not one size fits all. - 

These are the best big dog shoes we've found. With a wide strap that cinches tightly around the ankle, they really don't come off; and there's a safety strap just in case that one gets loose. The other problem with large dog boots is that the bottoms often wear through very quickly, but these ones are nice and thick rubber with lots of tread so your dog can be as energetic as he or she wants. The rubber sole comes over the toe and up to the straps on the back, meaning no matter how your dog walks they won't be causing unintended wear on the fabric part of the shoe.

Additionally, the gusset makes these quite easy to put on. There isn't really anything to hold open and you can easily insert the foot and be sure it's all the way inside the shoe. The upper is neoprene bonded fleece, so there is a little added warmth to this shoe. Neoprene is not completely waterproof, but due to the shape of these shoes it's quite easy to dry them out if they become soaked. Simply open them wide and leave them upside down.

Stock is currently very limited, but we expect to have full stock before winter.

 Size Sole Width Sole Length Mouth Width
1 5cm 5.5cm 17cm

2 5.5cm 6cm 17cm

3 6cm 7cm


4 6.5cm 7.5cm 18cm

5 7cm
8cm 18cm

6 8cm 9cm


7 9cm
10cm 22cm

8 10cm 11cm 24cm

Boots are measured to the nearest millimetre for greatest possible accuracy. Small variance in measurements are always possible.