Royal Canin Cat Food (Dry) - Indoor Long Hair

Royal Canin Cat Food (Dry) - Indoor Long Hair

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A healthy, shiny coat is the sign of a cat’s good health. INDOOR LONG HAIR contains high protein levels (35%), omega 6 fatty acids and chelated (or easy-to-absorb) zinc which work together to promote hair growth and a glossy coat.

Rich coat colour can enhance the indoor cat’s natural beauty. INDOOR LONG HAIR helps to intensify coat colour with minerals like chelated (or easy to absorb) copper and amino acids like L-cysteine and biotin.

Long haired cats are especially prone to hairballs. Fibre from psyllium and dried beet pulp work with lubricating anchovy oil to move the hair that the indoor cat swallows through her digestive system, thereby reducing hairballs.

100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition